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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is the fox25 morning news this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good thursday morning, everyone, it is just about 4:30 on december 10. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller >> daniel: i am daniel miller. don't look now, but we could see 60 degrees today. >> julie: hot. >> daniel: fox25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski has at that timeline when clouds will clear out for this warm weather. this is unusual. >> sarah: yeah, unusual. near record terrorry as we head into the weekend. normally december records are in the 60s and go he is what, folks, that's where we are head. we are already above-average for this time of year or for this point in the morning. i want to point out that cloud cover really helping to keep some of that warmth. but clouds producing a few showers. i will track some of the wet weather through the morning and grab that jacket. also grab that umbrella, but by the afternoon, we are looking at brighter skies. 40s and 50s right now.
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new hampshire out to the connecticut river valley and parts of connecticut will push to the north and east. in fact futurecast show the risk of these showers hitting risk of these showers heading toward the boston area around 7:30 as temperatures are in the 40s. we climb quickly into the 50s by your lunch hour. most of the wet weather starting to push off-shore. we will see breaks in the cloud cover and sure enough this afternoon we are looking at highs in the mid- to upper 50s with partly cloudy skies. and then we are going to start to see even by the evening commute dry conditions, but the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. we do have even warmer weather weekend. i have got the details on that coming up in just a little bit. a check of your traffic now with. looking good. with the pike, bright green through framingham through newton and the alston-brighton area. 93 south route 1. the lights on zakim are from overnight construction and down.
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495 to mass ave. 9 minutes on prey from the braintree split to the pike. happening today, protests are expected as presidential candidate donald trump arrives in portsmouth for a campaign event. trump will appear before a meeting of police officers around new england. demonstrators are upset over the billionaire's call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. extra security will be in place at the hotel will trump will speak. a new fox news poll will be leading other candidates by 20 points in south carolina, and earlier this week, polls had him doubling the other candidates in new hampshire. last night, trump defended his stance and took a shot at president obama. >> we can't allow radical killers into this country. we have a president -- i -- i think he is a stupid person, because there is no way that a normal president can make the speech that he made the other night. >> daniel: the protest in
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this afternoon. fox25's sharman sacchetti will be from new hampshire for trump's visit this afternoon. this evening at the fox25 news at 5 and 6:00. the time is 4:32. today is the first funeral for the victim of the terror california. a 27-year-old woman who worked with the suspect, syed farook, will be laid to rest. one of 14 people killed last tashfeen malik. the fbi says the couple was radicalized at least two years ago before m+ alik arrived in u.s. on a fiancee visa. >> we are working very hard to find to put anyone else was involved with assisting them, supporting them and equipping them. >> julie: the fbi is looking into information that he may have plans to attack a high school. he had pictures of the building on his cell phone. more skeletal remains are missing from a worcester cemetery and police are spreading the word to other cities and towns to check
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three sets of bones were stolen from the hope cemetery. they believe the people involved were members of a cult. those who have loved ones buried say the crime is heart buried say the crime is heartbreaking. >> a terrible thing to have your family violated like that. >> daniel: earlier this week we told you 32-year-old amador medina was arrested in connecticut. the remains of two adults and three children were stored at his apartment. he told hartford police that he used the remains in religious. a man accused of robbing convenience store for years is now behind bars. police arrested robert szetela . seen in surveillance pictures robbing the same store in 15 months. he is the same person that called in a bomb threat to pelham elementary school in 2 pelham elementary school in 20013. the person was responsible was wearing the same motorcycle accident worn in one of the
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they are expected to charge the rob we are two other robbery robberies including one where the suspect wore a president obama mask. a high-tech heist in fitch a high-tech heist in fitchburg that took less than two pins. look at this surveillance video. three men jump out of amen van. sparks fly on the left side of the screen to use a tore top of cut through the door. the thieves stole $10,000 of drones and remote-controlled vehicle. police arrived on the scene three minutes later. police say that gun is fake, but looked very real to a teenaged girl who said it was held to her head. the girl stwid other teenagers attacked her at a party in an extreme case of bullying. catherine parrotta is live at the courthouse in dedham where those teenaged girls are facing serious charges. >> reporter: they are expected to come here to juvenile court in dedham a little bit later for the dangerousness hearing facing serious charges for these -- what they allegedly did to the other teenager at a party.
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this all happened late last month and actually three 18-year-olds who hosted the party where this all apparently unfolded at an apartment in plainville and this this they say the two 15-year-olds armed assault and kidnapping. a 15-year-old girl with a replica handgun threatened a 16-year-old for apparently talking to her ex-boyfriend outside of the party. when the girl went back into the party she was hit with something and handcuffed while another person recorded it. they pointed a fake gun to her and said eenie meany miney moe i am going to shoot new the head. the girl and her father went to the police station and went to the building where the party was hosted. we will tell you what the evidence that was sceneed and what the landlord said us to about the hosts of this party. all coming up in the next hour hour. live in dedham, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news.
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accused of making a hit list could face criminal charges. the junior, senior high school principal told police of the possible threats but school officials learned about the list last week. parents were angry they weren't notified sooner. sheriff is telling them that the threats are not credible. >> we are doing everything we safe. >> the superintendent could not tell us whether the students involved will return to school. service on the t is back to normal for this morning's commute. the red line was shut down for several hours last night after a woman was hit by a train at downtown crossing. killed. two fire fighters were also shocked by a small power surge. injuries. the incident forced commuters to wait in long lines for shuttle buses. >> i came from the green line and it was just a whole mess. >> daniel: service was
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the name was not released now signs of foul play. police are looking for one the in a violent home invasion in quincy. on monday two men rushed into a homes on president's lane. they tied up a pregnant woman and stole 40,000. the teenaged daughter called 911 while hiding from the suspects. they caught one suspect and he bail. the trial of a danvers teenager accused of killing his high school teacher will go to jury tomorrow. lawyers for phillip chism said he was delusional and hearing voices when he raped and killed colleen ritzer. a psychologist broke down surveillance video of the incident and reveal that chism knew exactly what she was doing. >> obscuring his identity and make sure that there were not people in the hall who would observe him leave would be consistent with an inference that he appreciate yaipted the wrongfulness of his conduct.
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mind. closing arguments set for friday. when they are done, the jury will get the case. and when the jury makes right here on fox25. you will get an alert on injure fox25 news app. new this morning, general electric may set up shop in boston. according to "the globe" the company is looking a spots in the seaport for a new global headquarters location. this could bring hundreds of high-paying jobs to the hub. move. ge is considering moving to new york and providence. the norovirus outbreak at boston college is now affecting at least 120 students. all the kids ate at the same chipotle in cleveland circle. we have been following this story all week in an e-mail, the school says the facility staff has doubled efforts to clean commonly touched surface clean commonly touched surfaces. the school has closed self-serve areas and dine self-serve areas and dining halls and dining halls have been offering food to go options so students can get food for their sick friends.
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play on bc basketball team. they played their first game last night since the sickness broke. 4:39. fans in the most expensive seat at fenway park will have their views blocked by safety nets next season. major league baseball is recommending that nets be placed in front of all seats less than 70 feet away from home plate. this image show how many seats will be impacted. the red sox is warning season ticketholders. not all fans are in favor of the change. >> you pay for seats that close and to be able to experience it. you have the signs that warn you plenty over there. >> julie: last year sox fan tonya carpenter suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit in the head about a broken bat. her attorney released this statement, the risk, injury statement, the risk, injury for people at fenway park has been known to owners for many years. at least something good will come out of her injuries and suffering. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. live drive times. from the expressway to the
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the pike in 9 minutes. sarah with the forecast. >> sarah: a lot of clouds out there this morning, and areas of showers and drizzle starting to break out across the region and it is mild. so temperatures in the 40s. grab that umbrella. i am going to take you through the day, showing you when to expect the rain to clear and when we warm up coming up. the commuter rail was fined thousands of dollars for bad service last winter, but now they want the state to give them more cash. why they say they have to keep spending to keep commuters on time. a veteran therapy dog dice while pushing him out of the
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tate police are investigate investigating in nasty rollover crash in peabody. a suv and unmarked revere police cruiser collided during rush hour backing up traffic from what you can see from that video. the cruiser rolled on its side. the suv ended up in the woods. both drivers suffer nonlife-threatening injuries. 44 officer glen briley of billerica passed away on duty yesterday. he was found unresponsive in his cruiser at the station with the engine still running. police tell us he died from natural causes. he had a wife and two children he had a wife and two children. parents and students in swampscott are waiting to find out why a high school principal is on administrative leave.
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you on tuesday night. state and beverly police are investigating principal ed roseerik and swampscott police are not. he did not come to the door when we paid him a visit. students want to know what is going on. >> a lot of people are heard a lot of rumors but no one knows anything for sure. >> julie: parents received a letter from the school on tuesday and students said more details might be released by the end of the week. a new hampshire man is behind bars and he struck and killed a veteran service dog with his car. brian drake of burwick, maine said his german shepherd sophia help him deal with ptsd from serving in iraq seven years ago. last saturday they were outside getting the mail when the car came by, hit sophia and drove off. he still can't believe it. >> all of a sudden she -- you know, she -- she is in the ditch dead. take responsibility for your action.
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new hampshire man jessie gosl in. charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license. a long time since the bruins beat the montreal canadians, 19 month but that change the last night. amazing how fast a game can turn. the bruins down a goal when louie erickson gets a breakaway. game tied at 1. 42 seconds later, ferraro gets the puck in the slot, fires it home. a shocking momentum switch. but the bs weren't done yet. patrice bergeron with six minutes left. bs win 3-1. i can understand if the celtics are looking ahead to woman night's game. the golden state warriors are coming to town but the cs kept their focus against the bulls. evan turner with great defense and playing with showtime. wait for it. sweet, a nice 360 dunk. in the fourth, turner finds david lee downly for the dunk,
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good luck with the warriors tomorrow. how about some bowling. why are we showing you this? red sox outfielder mookie bets. he is competing against professional bowlers in the world series of bowling. yesterday he rolled a -- get this, a 19 96 average. not on the leaderboard but pretty good for the first time in the world series. julie sglooul bumpers. if you are an athlete. >> daniel: the neon ones. >> julie: yes, the neon ones. things moving along nicely. route 1 wide open. zakim bridge nothing slow you down. live drivetimes. 19 minutes on 93 south from 49 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 are from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. storm tracker meteorologist. >> sarah: track a few rain drops before we have a warm-up drops before we have a warm-up.
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there now and we will have warmer conditions and deal with wet weather, showers this morning and areas of drizzle. that is what we will talk about unseasonably mild and near record warmth as you head into the weekend. high pressure that brought us fairly dry conditions yesterday now pushing to the east. the winds have turned out of the south in the back side of the system and a weak disturbance that has picked up a little bit of moisture that is combining with some energy in the upper atmosphere. what that means we have a lot of clouds around and we will start to see light showers develop in spots. they are going to be hit or miss. but still you could be running into wet roadways if you are traveling early this morning. let me take a closer look. in parts of northeastern connecticut through worcester county, tracking this toward boston, likely going to occur after 6:00, but any showers that break out ahead of this brief line is a little bit steadier i guess could you say. places like new hampshire also dealing with those scattered showers right now.
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temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s right now. 43 is our average high of the day nor time of year. so we are well on our way to seeing unseasonably warm conditions. we will be watching in boston for the risk of that shower or two right around 6 to 7:00. in fact we could see the risk of a shower i am going to go with until lunchtime where most of the act 30 to the east most of the act 30 to the east. break from the cloud cover. partly sunny by the afternoon and temperatures will shoot up into the upper 50s. staying mild this evening. sunset at 4:11. this is a look at the high temperatures for the day. winds will remain light out of the south at 5 to 8 miles per hour. we will go with the mid- to upper 50s for the most part. again a lot of clouds around. sol break. overnight tonight, mild. temperatures mostly in the 40s. we could find a few 30s in those typically cooler spots like norwood and up through parts of northern worcester county and up into new hampshire. we will be watching for more fog to develop.
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along the south coast along the south coast as the winds will be light out of the south and moisture could provide risk of light showers early through tomorrow morning for parts of the cape and islands and most of us will be dry tomorrow and we will find a mix of sun and clouds and those temperatures are responding nicely into the upper 50s, low 60s. can't believe what we are talking about mid-december temperatures. and in the 60s. now the chance for rain this morning we are at about 50%. this afternoon we are going to drop it, but tonight a risk of light showers across southeastern areas and bump up that to 20%. and then for the rest of the day we look to see drier condition. a look at the futurecast with the wet weather pushing into the boston area and the coastal region toward -- be prepared for your morning commute. you may be needing those wind you may be needing those windshield wipers too. into the afternoon the clouds will break apart furthermore and looking for some improvement for the fog and the showers start to move in from the southeast overnight tonight.
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forecast and the weekend falls view looking nice. spectacular. in fact temperatures in the upper 60s. a mix of sun and clouds and more clouds to the north help hours too. hours too. best chance of the showers come into the forecast as a cold front comes through. temperatures will really warm ahead of that front and windy too and slightly cool down. over to you. a first-grader is dragged for nearly a mile by her school bus. coming up at 5:00, how getting stuck in a door saved her life stuck in a door saved her life. coming up next, when a cop pulled him over this man started singing you are so beautiful to me .
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tension is increase tension is increasing in canada between taxi and uby drivers. some of it was caught on camera right here as an uber driver drags a taxi driver who was pounding on his window. it happened as cabbies across the city wereing at city hall who protest uber. they say uber is cut nag their bylaws and cutting into their bottom line. a woman could face hat crime charges after attacking a muslim man praying in a park. >> do not attack me! >> reporter: the video posted on youtube has been viewed more than 50,000 times that hoes denise slato yelling at a group of praying muslims calling them murderers.
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recording she attacks him with an umbrella and pours hot coffee on him. >> i don't know her. she doesn't know me. and she just came at us because we were doing things that only a muslim person does. >> daniel: the woman is state employee working for the department of corrections. facing misdemeanor battery charges and the da to tack on hate crime charges. the anti-muslim crimes are on the rise after the incident in paris last month. advocacy groups say the shooting in california is also to blame as well as anti-muslim remarks made by trump. cocaine hidden in christmas presents sends a randolph man to jail. state police say they found 230 grams of cocaine inside these you can ps packages sent from columbia last week. police arrested the man who
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he is being held on $25,000 bail. marty walsh support the compassionate release of former speaker from prison. sal dimasi has three more years from his federal corruption sentence. his wife is pushing for his release so he can undergo radiation for prostate cancer. she is lobbying his former colleagues to get him out. the golden globe nominations. "spotlight" based on the true story out the "boston globe" discovered the sex scandal and cover up by the catholic church. nominations january 10 and we will bring them as the nominations come down at 8:15. a gospel singer gets pulled over and try pulled over and tries to sing his way out of a ticket tampa . >> julie: sounds good too. the officer asked the singer where he was coming from all
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singer. he offered to sing her something and he grabbed a selfie stick and started croon crooning. >> i love it because it brought us together. both of us left smiling and they made my day out there and i am quite sure through that beautiful song it made their day. so it worked out very well. >> julie: he said his song choice would have been different if a male officer pulled him over. he was considering going after "it's raining men." let's switch gears here. 4:57. more human remains are missing from their time resting place in central massachusetts. why police believe a colt may be targeting cemetery be targeting cemeteries.
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we can't allow radical killers into in country. >> gene: now at 5:00, donald trump brings his campaign back
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